A service that provides developed training and curriculum programs for all aspects of health care. Professional development builds on existing skill sets and reminds us why we do what we do; while supporting excellence in service delivery. Let us help you maximize client and staff potential. Choose from one of our touchstone workshops which include:

Half Day Training

(all can be enhanced for full day delivery)

Acquired Brain Injury

  • Simple anatomy and function of the brain
  • Terminology, Behaviours, Coaching and Cueing & Epidemiology
  • Recovery, Rehabilitation & Habilitation
  • Post Injury - Common Disorders & Helpful Interventions

Assessment Skills

  • PSW's role in head to toe assessment
  • Subjective vs. Objective Assessment
  • Importance of: Observe, Report & Document
  • Role and Scope of Practice


  • Impact of Values
  • Fluid vs. Concrete
  • Professional vs. Friendly

Client Centered Circle of Care

  • Who is your client & What is your product
  • How do you experience a sense of "care"
  • Trust as the foundation of caring principles

Cognitive Impairment: Managing Challenging Behaviours and Aggression

  • Top ten challenging behaviours
  • Causes
  • Problem solving approach
  • Importance of the team

Communicating with Difficult People

  • Communicating through conflict - strategies to deal with different behaviour types
  • Redirecting negative communication - strategies that work
  • Assertive tactics for confronting conflict

Communication Disorders: Skills for Effective Communication

  • Variety of communication disorders
  • Anatomy of disorders
  • Strategies for effective communication

Communication in Personal Support: Success is measured as much by how things are done as by what is done

  • Client centered communication
  • Impact of time pressures and job stress on communication
  • Client perspective
  • Applying positive communication techniques

Compassion Fatigue: Overcoming Exhaustion in Personal Support

  • Definition
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Causes, personal triggers, rescuing behaviours, healthy boundaries
  • Strategies

Customer Service

  • Multi-sensory approach
  • Getting to know your clients
  • Customer service in the face of illness

Diversity and Equity (can be delivered with Palliative care focus)

  • Understanding the difference between diversity and equity
  • Cultural awareness and impact to health care providers
  • To define what is meant by ethics and ethical dilemmas as compared to what is considered moral, good and/or legal
  • To explore how our own beliefs, values and cultural background - influence the way we make decisions

Food Management for the PSW

  • Proper cleaning
  • Proper food storage
  • What to do when food appears bad

Infection Control

  • Microorganisms
  • Prevention and Control Strategies
  • Chain of Transmission
  • Susceptible Individuals
  • Hand Hygiene and PPE

interRai CHA

  • Refresher training on Assessment tool, Outcome Measures and Scales & Clinical Assessment Protocols

Introduction to Palliative Care

  • What is Palliative care vs. End of Life Care
  • What is End of Life Care
  • Caring for the Palliative Client
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Understanding Grief
  • Palliative Care Team - Roles
  • Overview of the Physiologic Changes
  • Caring for the "Whole Person" at End of Life

Lifts Transfer & Back Care

  • Exceptional Care Circumstances
  • Lift
  • Transfer
  • Repositioning
  • High Risk
  • Injury Prevention
  • Body Mechanics

Dementia Refresher

  • Holistic approach
  • "ABC" problem solving
  • Role of the team

Effective Delegation: Developing the Skills and Abilities of Your Team

  • Personal perspectives on delegation
  • Scope of practice of the staff
  • Benefits to the organization
  • Implement plan for effective delegation

Ensuring Customer Service Satisfaction

  • Role of a customer service representative
  • Communication strategies for ‘difficult to service' customers
  • Problem solving strategies
  • How to get to a win/win outcome


  • Perfectly Simple Sale
  • Marketing Dementia and Alzheimer's care

Mission Vision Values - Self Audit

  • Defining
  • Refining
  • Celebrating

Stress Management

  • 9 Stressful types
  • Assessing your stress level
  • Your own stress kit

Team Work

  • There is no "I" in team
  • Team dynamics
  • Team personalities & Team strategies that create loyalty

Professionalism and Service Excellence

  • Role of a customer service representative
  • Communication strategies for 'difficult to service' customers
  • Problem solving strategies
  • How to get to a win/win outcome

Understanding and Preventing Abuse

  • Defining the circle of abuse and neglect
  • Strategies to avoid, acknowledge and accept our responsibility
  • Zero abuse policy

Vital Signs

  • Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure
  • Review of skills and understanding

Full Day Training


  • Prospect Profiling
  • Overcoming Financial Objection
  • The close

Medication Administration Refresher for UCP's

  • Drug use misuse and abuse
  • 7 Rights
  • Appropriate boundaries

Diabetes for PSW's and Glucometer and Insulin Injections

  • Understanding the delegated RHPA
  • Advanced understanding for PSW's regarding diabetes
  • Hands on experience with glucometer readings and insulin injections

Multiple Day Training

Two-Day Workshops

Strategic Planning Made Simple

  • Mission Vision Values
  • Who are we today, who were we yesterday and who do we want to be tomorrow
  • Strategic Streams, Goal Planning and Outcomes

UCP's and Special Functions ($25.00/participant material fee)

  • Performing shallow oral suctioning on a client
  • Cleansing outer cannula for an established tracheotomy
  • Administering commercially prepared enema to a client
  • Assisting with the administration of medication such as oral medications, injections, inhalants and ear/eye drops
  • Assisting with the insertion, cleaning and removal of intermittent catheters
  • Administering tube feeding to a client

Three-Day Workshops ($15.00/participant material fee)

  • Medication Administration for UCP's
  • Life of Leadership
  • Client Centered Circle of Care
  • Your Journey Through Dementia Care

Inquire how we can customize training to suite your individual needs!

Customized Training

Sometimes one-hour refresher classes are all that you need (we can repeat these a number of times over the same day and evening) to maximize attendance. Popular topics are - Infection Control, Lifts Transfers and Back Care, Stress Management, Conflict resolution and many more...

Contact us to customize a training solution to meet your unique needs