A service that provides consultation support for all aspects of new and existing development such as demographic assessment, operational specifications design standards for seniors including those living through dementia, human resources strategies, sales and marketing plans. ICC prides itself on the delivery of high quality results on-time and within budget.

The methods used by ICC have been developed and enhanced over many years of experience. The primary elements for managing consulting projects are well defined objectives that ensure the delivery of quality results with clearly defined goals, objectives and deliverables. This activity is done at the beginning of the project to ensure no misunderstandings for both consultant and client. The strategies and tactics utilized to manage timeline and critical path are unique and highly effective, with frequent document and milestone reviews and status reports that eliminate unpleasant surprises at the end of a project. The consultant will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client stakeholders throughout the project to ensure a high level of quality and personal commitment at every step in the project.

Organizational Review & Interim Management

An in-depth review of your existing operations in comparison to industry best practices.

Compare yourself to the best. If your facility is functioning to competency, our facility management approach identifies operational activities that fail, meet and exceed industry trends. Facility Management takes average and those facilities in operational crisis, re-defines performance standards, implements policy and process to make facilities great.

Methodology may include:

  • On-site review of existing operational policy and practices.
  • Environmental assessment to assure the environment supports staff and client success.
  • Review of facility business plan including operating Performa, staffing deployment, marketing initiatives, strategic planning.
  • Consultation and implementation of operational solutions.
  • On site interim management for daily operations in the absence of a sound management team.
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of staff (new facilities or facilities undergoing management change).
  • Implementation of a start-up team for new facilities focusing on pre-open marketing plan; operational Performa; operational staffing patterns including hiring and training.

Human Resources Support

A successful human resources philosophy is critical to ensure sustainability in recruitment and retention, resulting in an optimal competitive environment. ICC will provide you with a plan to ensure the number and mix of health care providers and services possessing the appropriate qualifications to meet the needs of the clients you serve.

At ICC we believe in a tri-centric value driven hiring process that involves creating customized:

  1. Recruitment and screening process that hires to values - customized interview and screening process that reflect the inherent "key" values of your organization
  2. Job Descriptions - a service that reviews existing job descriptions and/or creates ones that incorporate "measurable" tasks based on values the incumbent was hired to
  3. Performance Management - extensive program that ensures TEAM performance outcomes that are customer service, client centric, value and skill focussed.

Operational Development

Design Standards for New Development

Barrier free design that maximizes resident independence and staff time. Let us help you navigate from concept to move-in day; ensuring your project vision meets reality.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Market research is a strong indicator for determining project marketability, consumer acceptance and competitive analysis.

Market research studies involve comprehensive analysis of:

  • Existing and future demographics
  • Consumer purchase preferences
  • Competitor features benefits and advantages in comparison to product being offered
  • "Indirect" competition and impact on the project being introduced
  • Project vision to ensure long term operational sustainability and customer acceptance
  • Customized relationship based sales and marketing training that maximized productivity and outperforms competitors
  • Design innovative, cost effective advertisements and promotional marketing materials
  • Develop marketing plans and strategies that maximize product exposure
  • Provide ongoing mentoring to develop best in class sales people
  • Simple marketing initiatives or complex marketing plans

Occupational Health & Safety/WSIB

Development of joint H & S committees, WSIB safe and early return to work process & Workwell Audits

Accreditation Support

Ensures your operations match accreditation standards for success

Successful organizations routinely rate their performance to indicators that define success. Integrity Care Consultants provides process to measure organizational and industry success i.e. PSW, Occupational Health and Safety/Workwell & ORCA Accreditation . ICC uses the same tools to measure their own company success to assure we remain competitive in the industry.

Spheres of measurement include but are not limited to:

  • Financial measurement
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Occupancy and turnover rates
  • Capital investments to physical plant
  • Strategic planning achievements - goals met and exceeded
  • Staff sick time and work related injuries
  • Infusion of new products
  • Organizational knowledge acquisition and training